The Tim Blair Story

Fundraising and Running Biography

The Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation traces its origins back to 1994, when after a diagnosis of epilepsy, Tim began running to become fitter and healthier. As with so many others, his love for running grew and he began to run in fun runs and other events aiming to raise money for charities.

In 2000, Tim was invited to run with friends from Deloraine to Forth, a distance of about 72 kilometres, to raise money for Giant Steps, a local organisation that caters for children with Autism. For Tim, this was a profound and life changing experience, allowing him to turn his love for running into something that also benefited others.

Over the years, Tim has continued to run and has participated in many marathons, but has had to fight his own health battles along the way.  In 2007, he was diagnosed with degenerative nerve disease, which interrupted his running for a period of time.

However, this was not enough to stop Tim, and he resumed running again in late 2008. With his passion for helping others, in 2009 he ran from Burnie to Devonport in North West Tasmania (56 kilometres) to raise money for a young local girl who was diagnosed with cancer.  Later that year, he also ran 60 kilometres to raise awareness and funds for a local boy who was fighting an aggressive form of bone cancer.

While training in 2010/11 for another run, Tim again faced his own battle when diagnosed with a further serious health issue. Whilst he had been planning to undertake another run for a young boy suffering from heart disease, he was unable to do so. It was at this time, with the help of friends, the local schools and his broader community, the Tim Blair Run for Kids (Kids Helping Kids) 2011 event was founded. The event provided the opportunity for others in the community to participate in a fun run of one or five kilometers, and to contribute to the fundraising. Both the 2011 and 2012 events were run under the banner of another organisation.

Once Tim recovered, he began training again late in 2011. In August 2012, the day before the Run for Kids Fun Run, he ran 100 kilometres (from Launceston to Devonport) in horrendous weather conditions to raise funds for Charlotte Rataj, a 4 year old girl diagnosed with leukemia.

In November 2013, Tim ran from Devonport to Burnie and back, a distance of 120 kilometres to raise funds for a young boy suffering from cancer, who tragically had also lost his father to cancer. The run also sought to raise funds for local cancer wards in Tasmanian hospitals and was the first time Tim and his running partner had run a distance over 100 kilometres. This event was also the first official fundraising effort for the Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation and the first training run for the Bluff to Bondi run event, scheduled for April 2014.

In Easter 2014 Tim and his good friend Shane set off on the biggest journey he had undertaken. Their goal was to run from the Bluff Beach in Devonport Tasmania to Bondi Beach in Sydney. A distance of 970Km this was going to be completed in 9 days, running between 100 and 120 km per day. During the run Tim suffered stress fractures in his left leg eventually one of the fractures turned into a hairline break in his leg. This did not deter Tim and Shane from their goal of reaching Bondi and raising money for childhood cancer victims and research.
On April 26, 2014 Tim and Shane reached Bondi.

In 2015 Tim and his great mate Shane again laced up the running shoes to run 85km through 23 schools from Penguin to Port Sorrell. The run was to raise money for a young boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumors and is only one of 9 children in the world to be diagnosed. The run was also about supporting and encouraging kids to make a positive impact on some one’s life.
Encouraging children to be their best is something Tim is very passionate about, over the past 12 months Tim has been working closely with The Kids Cancer Project and the Tasmanian Education Department on a program called Project Kids. This program will be aligned with the National Curriculum and launched into Tasmanian schools in 2016. The program is designed to encourage children to contribute in a positive manner and that no positive contribution is measured.
In September 2016 Tim again tested his stamina when he ran 220km in 3 days in Nepal, Tim ran from Pokarah to Kathmandu. The run was completed in conjunction with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Nepalese Tourism Board and Government. The idea was to raise awareness of Nepal as a tourist destination again and of course raise money for childhood cancer and children’s education in Nepal.

Tim has continued to run and support what he believes is the biggest asset this world has, children. He believes adults are responsible for the future and by teaching children that we all have a worth, or value in this world, our future is in a good place.

This community not-for-profit organisation has been formed around the concept of “kids helping kids”.

The objectives of the Foundation are to:

  • Raise and distribute funds to assist children who are in need;
  • Encourage and facilitate kids to help other kids by participating in organised and safe activities;
  • Encourage personal and community health and wellbeing through encouraging kids and their families to participate in organised events;
  • Increase community capital by engaging members of the community as volunteers to organise and assist with the events, deepening volunteers understanding of community needs and issues; and

Raise general awareness of the interests, concerns and dignity of kids and their families who are in need.

We have the Ride coming up on the Date: Saturday, 7 September, 2019 – Campbell Town to Devonport.

Fundraising efforts to date

To date, along with the help of the community, the Tim Blair Run for Kids events have raised in excess of $450,000 for sick children and childhood cancer research.